Where to Buy

Where To Buy Carpet?

Ultimately, the choice is yours as to where it is best for you to buy carpet or flooring. We will lay out the advantages and some disadvantages to discern the differences among your many purchasing options.

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Big Box Stores

Can you get value at a Big Box Store?

At first glance it may appear to be a great deal to buy carpet from a Big–Box store. The advertised square foot price looks great, and the carpet looks nice and full or dense. Well we all know you can’t get something for nothing, so what is going on?

Like shopping for mattresses carpet manufacturers love to private label their goods. That is they name the same product different names among the retailers. This makes it difficult to cross reference, and compare quality for quality. So, can you get a good deal at a Big-Box store? Yes you can, but you really have to know what you are looking at. This takes expertise and time. Most consumers are not carpet experts, so it comes down to trusting the Big-Box representative and his/her training. Ultimately the savings or value you may or may not see is spent trying to determine what it is you are looking at. Additionally, you may find yourself running around to local showrooms, with a tiny sample swatch in hand to see what it is they are offering you in value. We often forget that our time has a value. Our most valuable time is our personal time off, which is in limited supply.

In short, the big-box store, need to make a profit. They may have bought millions of a certain style or color of a quality carpet, but what if you do not like their stock carpet? This only serves to limit your selection on the better priced items, while paying a premium for the special order. They may sell the carpet itself at a reduced price per square foot, but they make up for this by other means. This usually comes down to paying a hefty price for padding, and some installation services that many others include at little or no charge. It is all in the details.

Warehouse Clubs

I am in the club, I have buying power

The first thing you need to know is that warehouse clubs are not in the flooring business. Carpet and flooring is essentially a custom selection and custom installed product. It is not something one can conveniently buy in bulk, and then pass along the savings to their members.

So what is happening at the warehouse club is that they are selling their warehouse floor space to an established carpet retailer. The retailers they choose are very good ones, but you will likely pay a premium, going through your warehouse club. These vendors pay a significant price for the privilege of representing a club brand.  

Many of the same reasons you may or may not find value in the Big-Box store you will find hold true with the warehouse club. Additionally, the warehouse club is simply introducing you to a relationship with an already established company, and charging them a premium for it. This cost trickles down to the club member by them paying more than the retailer could have charged if the clubber went direct to the established vendor. Additionally, warehouse clubs earn revenue by representing one exclusive manufacturer, which ends up limiting the selection to a certain carpet brand.  

Your Local Carpet Showroom

Great Selection and Expertise

The carpet showroom gives you the selection and expert advice it takes to get the right product for you. This is not without its costs in overhead and your personal time, but you are likely to be happy with the end result.

There are a couple of challenges to the local store which make it an effort to find what you are looking for. The first challenge is budget. Since the consumer really does not know the square footage they need, going into a store can lead to a shocking sticker price. They go into a store and see something that sells for 6 dollars a square foot. Meanwhile, they do not know that they need 1200 square feet of carpet to cover the space they need to cover. The price of a carpet installation comes down to square footage. Not knowing how much one needs in the beginning sets them up for a big disappointment down the road. Secondly, when you see those samples in the showroom, they will likely look quite different in the lighting of your own home. This adds to the confusion even more.

However still, at the end of the day, this option will get the job done. With a lot of running back and forth to and fro, you will find what you need in a carpet.

Shop at Home Carpet Service

Selection, Expertise, Value and Convenience

The mobile showroom offers several advantages versus all other ways of shopping for carpet and flooring. First, right off the bat, the space you would like to be covered is measured and laid out for the product you desire. Now you know the most useful information you need to determine which products are in your budget, which is the square footage you need to complete the job. Secondly, the flooring expert sees your home, and the space where you need the flooring. The flooring consultant sees your lifestyle, and flooring needs. This information is an essential factor when a flooring expert recommending the type of product that will suit the needs of the consumer. Thirdly, the consumer gets to see all the sample and colors right there in there on space and unique lighting. This is a huge time saver. The running you would normally do from store to store and home to store is eliminated. In fact, experience has demonstrated that two out of three consumer households find the product they love at a satisfactory price on the first visit of a shop at home carpet service. Sometimes a second visit is needed to cross reference an item, or otherwise come back with more samples to show. Fourthly, the shop at home mobile carpet store often offers the best price of all other carpet buying options. The lower overhead of not having to maintain a retail carpet store is a big savings that is passed along to the consumer.

The mobile carpet store or shop at home carpet and flooring store offers the convenient way for consumers to get the selection they need, the expertise to help get the right product and the best value for their dollar. When you factor in the time savings, this is really the biggest benefit of a shop at home carpet service. How much is your personal time worth?